graduation tour 2010             

Fairy tale

Brothers Grimm

The four skillful brothers



Mars 23rd  2010 internal premiere

Graduation Performance

Rudolf Steiner Schule

WITTEN, Billerbek


June 12th 2010 

Solo Performance

Georgschule, Dortmund


May 7th 2010

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Graduation tour 2010 in Germany, Iceland and Switzerland

The graduating eurythmy-students at the Institut für Waldorfpädagogik WittenAnnen in Germany showed the results of their four years of studies in a program which was preformed in the summer of 2010 in Germany, Iceland and Switzerland. It was a group of eight young dancers coming from Germany, Slovakia and Iceland. On the tour they were  accompanied by teachers, musicians, speakers and a light technician.  The graduation-program  was carefully selected from different compositions and written texts. The tour started in June 2010 and lasted for three weeks. This site provides information on the group, the program and the tour.

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